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Wir haben uns auf einzigartige, spezielle und günstige Kindertrageprodukte spezialisiert. Ob in der Stadt oder in der Wildnis... mit Suse´s Kinder haben Sie immer die richtige Kleidung!   The products ship from our United Kingdom Warehouse unless noted otherwise on the product. contact us at You have 30 days from receipt of item to return. You are responsible for return shipping unless item is defective. We will refund full cost of item plus initial shipping if you contact within 7 days of receiving item.   No returns on closeout items: teton, wyoming, oregon, suse's kinder 3 in 1, and fleece jacket

The shopping Cart has been having difficulties adding items to the cart.  Sometimes you have to add the item twice and then go to cart to find the item...  If you keep clicking you will get it to work.  Our host is working on this problem.  But otherwise you can email telling me what you want and where you are located.  Email: and I will send you a paypal link to pay that way.

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